Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Results Update

A decent enough return from last weekend and tonight’s games. Things appear amazingly steady at the moment (can’t say that has happened too often this season!) but I’m sure the next big downturn isn’t too far away. Anytime I’ve experienced this sort of steady run of results, things usually go downhill soon after but maybe I’m just being a little cautious!

I’m sure I’m not the only one counting down the weeks to the end of the season now. I still feel pretty fresh considering how long a season this can be for me but I think once I get over the Easter period, I’ll be able to relax. There are a couple of sets of fixtures in a short space of time which is hard work but once this is over, we’re nearly there.

Here’s the recent results update.

Est Systems

A steady return for these systems with a profit of 10.17pts from 86 bets. Saturday was good, Sunday was poor and tonight was disappointing in the main. Nice to keep things ticking over with a small profit though.

New Systems

A brilliant weekend again for these systems and a really good midweek too. An overall profit of 40.42pts from 170 bets.

The results continue to look unbelievable on these systems and it will be interesting looking back over the season with these systems. They started amazingly well when they first went live and apart from one blip, they have continued to produce some amazing results this season.  The ratings in particular look pretty good on system 31 and it may well be the 3rd rating algorithm I developed for the UK leagues is the best one yet but we’ll assess things at the end of the season.

Misc Systems

A solid update for these systems too. A profit of 10.64pts from 87 games. The Home bets in particular continue to do really well on these systems and STOZ in particular is in the midst of a very decent run of form.  I keep saying it but the STO systems are really repaying my faith in them this season.

Under/Over Systems

A poor weekend for these bets but they were a little unlucky tonight as a late goal in one of the games stopped it from being an Under winner.

A loss of 2.34pts from 11 bets.

Euro Systems

A really decent weekend for these again I think.  Overall, a profit of 31.7pts from 136 bets. I actually think the systems were a little unlucky to be fair and a lot of the really big priced away bets didn’t have much luck and quite a few came close to pulling off a shock but at the end of the day, they didn’t quite manage it.

This month has been a great month for these systems and after two big losing months, a winning month would be long overdue.


A profit of 90.59pts from 490 bets since the last update. Keeps the momentum going and continues to build on the profits from last month and the first part of this month. As I said in the intro to this post, the next downturn can’t be too far away I’m sure but let’s just enjoy this while it lasts!

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