Friday, 1 March 2013

Midweek Update

A stunning performance from the ratings in midweek again and this finishes off a truly amazing month. 8 weeks ago, I was probably as low as I’d ever been at the football and after 4 months of betting this season, my P&L was not much better than break-even.  The base ratings were doing OK this season but the filtering of the systems was a disaster. Roll on two months and I can’t keep track of my winnings and things look SO, SO much better!

I was even doubting a few months ago whether my ratings had lost much of their edge and there was a massive doubt about whether I would continue with the service next season. This season has been really tough for me personally and juggling the service along with my other responsibilities is no easy task and when things are going tough, it is really draining. As I’ve said lots of times before on the blog, if it was easy to do what I’m doing and achieve these sort of returns, everyone would be doing it. In reality, it’s not easy.

So, onto the midweek results.

Est Systems

A profit of 40.29pts from only 34 bets! Not much more I can say here. An ROI of 118.5%.

New Systems

 A profit of 46.93pts from 60 bets.  I really loved the fact that system 33 narrowed down the 6 bets on system 32 (there were 2 winners) and found the two winners on system 33 from 2 bets. It’s the little things in life that amuse me!

Misc Systems

24.66pts profit from 31 bets. Again, not much to add but say it was a good night again for these systems!

Under/Over Systems

 Sums up how good a midweek the ratings had when these systems hit 2 from 2 correct! A 2.31pts profit from 2 bets.

Overall then, not the worst midweek of the season the systems have had. A profit of 114.19pts from only 127 bets. An ROI of 89.9%. I’d take that every week. Actually, I’d take 10% of this every week!

That completes February then. Next post will be the monthly review. Should be an interesting read……

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