Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A little better....

As the title suggests, a little bit better this midweek and it was a much better performance from the combined systems after a slow start this season. Hopefully these systems can push on from here although I’ll happily settle for them to not have too many days like last Saturday!

Algorithm one found 12 bets and made a profit of 5.5pts for H/A betting whereas DNB made a profit of 4.45pts.

Algorithm two found 8 bets and a profit of 4.4pts for H/A betting. DNB did really well too with a profit of 4.14pts.

Lastly, the new 3rd algorithm based on DNB made a profit of 4.88pts from 15 games for H/A betting and a profit of 2.35pts for DNB.

Overall, a satisfying midweek with some good winners found including Swindon at 4/1 on algorithm three.

As usual, what the systems do with the bets is crucial and thankfully, they did a good job I think.

The established systems from last season had 48 bets in total and managed a profit of 32.8pts for H/A betting. DNB also had a very good time of it though with a profit of 26.56pts.

The new systems weren’t quite as good although it wasn’t bad! A profit of 15.38pts from 39 games for H/A betting and DNB making a profit of 14.99pts.

Overall, a decent midweek and it helps to steady the ship a little after last Saturday.

One thing I have noticed in the last two weeks is how similar all the teams are that are found by people using their own ratings. As I’ve said many times on here now, nothing I’ve done with my football ratings is any different to what many others are doing to generate bets. My USP I hope is being able to maximise my ratings to their full capacity but time will tell if I can do that.

A special mention to Steve the anonymous poster on my last post for posting his bets again. A truly exceptional night (makes mines look average!) and it’s great to see someone else giving this football ratings game a go.

I’ll be back on Friday with the bets for this weekend.

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  1. thanks for the kind words Graeme , my early bets for the weekend are :-


    WATFORD 3.1 stanjames
    DONCASTER 6.2 pinnacle
    SCUNTHORPE 2.88 vcbet
    CHELTENHAM 3.6 stanjames
    NORTHAMPTON 2.75 vcbet