Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Midweek Update

Another disappointing midweek and it’s very frustrating at the moment.

I’m not sure why but I sort of assumed that this season would start well. You wait all summer for the season to start and 3 weeks into the system bets, you’re wishing the season hadn’t started yet and then you can start again!

The strike rate for all the systems is unbelievably low at the moment and things can only get better. Of course, better doesn’t mean that things have to get profitable but there is no way the systems can continue with the current strike rate of winners. The overall strike rate is down near 20% across all systems but unfortunately, my average odds aren’t near 4/1!

Anyway, we’ll just plod on and things will take a turn soon. They always do (or at least, it has always happened in the previous 15,000 games!)

Back on Friday with the weekend bets.


  1. Refreshingly honest, proving just how difficult things can really be in the world of sporting endeavour.

  2. Hi Average Guy.

    The great thing about this season is that it is my second season of following the systems. I’ve written all summer on here about how mad they’ll drive you at times and I honestly think they look like the biggest piece of shi* I’ve ever come across at times (as I’ve said before on here a few times!)

    However, we’re only 7% into the full season and therefore, in the long-term, this poor start doesn’t matter. Doesn’t make it any easier for those of us following but as long as the next 93% of the season doesn’t go like this, it will be OK!

    Cheers for the comment.


  3. hi Graeme , heres my early bets.

    PETERBORO 6.0 lads/coral/vc
    BRENTFORD 2.88 vc/sj
    PORT VALE 3.1 lads/coral **2PTS**
    ABERDEEN 4.0 lads **2PTS**
    BRAINTREE 3.0 coral
    TAMWORTH 2.5 gen
    LUTON 2.6 coral
    DAG & RED 3.5 lads

  4. I'm with you on a couple of these Steve but not all of them.

    Interesting that we are starting to diverge a little on bets now that we get more games played. I'm hoping this coincides with an upturn for my systems as it's been pretty tough so far this season! :)

    Good luck.

    PS. How are you doing this season pts wise? I'll stick to my monthly updates on here but for my own portfolios, I'm down on both by a fair few pts!

  5. footy bets recorded on my blog (addictedtowinning-stevieb.blogspot) are 75 pts staked and 68.47 returned so a loss of 4.53 pts . in reality i've done slightly better as the odds i have quoted are the ones available at the time of posting . thats why i have now started to post early to quote the odds available before the ratings boys release their figures . walsall & bristol rovers were very tempting and it will be interesting to see if your stuff throws them up as a bet ?

  6. Cheers Steve.

    You'll see I've added a link to your blog mate. Only just managed to do it as I tried last week and it wouldn't let me!

    I think you're -6.53pts on the numbers you've quoted by the way. :(

    Both my portfolios are down similar amounts, so hoping for a better weekend here!

    Good luck.


  7. thanks for link , i have reciprocated .
    -6.53 pts yep didnt double count 2 x 2pt losers