Sunday, 1 April 2012

Monthly Review - March 2012

I’ve updated the monthly review for March 2012 and I’ve also updated the latest system results tab to the end of March too.

Monthly Review – (Scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Latest System Results -

As you’ll read in the monthly review, March goes down as the busiest month in the history of the systems. Surprised me a little if I’m honest but I now realise why March felt like so much hard work – it was! As you know, there was a 2 week spell in March where the systems didn’t have a winning day, so to end up with a decent profit on the month is a great feeling.

Looking at the overall system results, things are starting to stack up well and I’ve reached the 7,400 proofed results mark. To achieve an ROI of 9% across so many bets is pretty good and I suspect it’s unbeatable by any set of football systems in the market.

This season’s results for the established systems are better than last season at the moment and the new systems have dragged up their overall ROI to 6.4% across 2,352 bets. Whatever way I look at these results, I can’t help but be proud.

The SBC proof my 6 combined established systems and these have now had 13 winning months out of 16. The last 6 months have also been profitable. Overall, my proofed results on these systems is a profit of 299pts from 1,875 bets. That’s an ROI of 16%. This is split 16.3% last season and 15.6% this season, so not quite reached the standards of last season yet but not too far away.

Overall, so far, so good. Not bad for the first 7,400 bets………


  1. Absolutely fantastic results Graeme. I'm certain you are the best out there for football systems. Great to see the success coming from all that hard work matey.


  2. Well done G. Been gambling for 25 years and waited my whole life to come across systems like these. Hoping to retire if you can get another 5 seasons to follow the last 2! Shows what can be done with hard work.


  3. Hi Mark.

    Hope things have went OK since you moved back into full-time employment mate. :)

    Cheers for the comment. I try my best to keep my feet on the ground and I’m determined to not overanalyse this season until I get to the end of the season as last season, I thought I’d had the job done at Christmas time but then it was all downhill from there!

    If anything, I think this blog and the journey to date has been a great advert for hard work. There isn’t a great deal of skill involved (apart from the initial rating building and system building) but to do what I’m doing in my spare time is something pretty special I think. Not sure many could keep on top of it like I do tbh.

    Couldn’t dare say I was the best footie ratings tipster in the market at the moment but I’ll leave that to others to decide. ;)



  4. Hi Stu.

    I’ve been gambling for about 20 years (I started young) and I’ve waited all my life for these systems to appear too mate. :) I don’t like looking too far ahead, so not sure I’ll still be here in 5 years time but hopefully we can get to the end of the season in one piece and then look forward to next season.

    With the new leagues to look at and hopefully some more consolidation in the UK leagues, I’m in a good place at the moment but as we know only too well, this game builds you up to knock you back down again. I’m sure I’ll get knocked down soon and need to bounce back but so far, the systems have always managed to bounce back well. Long may that continue!