Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quick Results Update

A very quick update on the results from last night.

On face value, a rubbish night really and quite a hefty loss for the systems overall on the night considering how quiet an evening it was. As usual though, if you scrape below the surface, you’ll see that 9pts were staked on Watford and they drew 2-2 after leading 2-0 at halftime. As usual, at odds of nearly 7/2, it’s a massive swing. Happens all the time really but on a night with very few bets, it has a big impact.

Disappointing really and quite quickly, the early profits achieved this month have evaporated on the systems. The new systems are struggling again this month but having had a record month last month, I’m not overly surprised. It’s a tough one as if the new systems were achieving massive ROIs this season, I could live with the fact they are so up and down but unfortunately, not only is the volatility much more on these systems, the returns don’t compensate for the increased volatility either.

I’ll be back on Friday with the weekend bets. 3 weeks to go now but more importantly for the systems, 2 weekends left to turn April into the 7th winning month in a row. Let’s hope they can pull something out of the bag to end the season on a high.

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