Monday, 23 April 2012

No Midweek Bets

Just a very quick post to say there are no midweek bets.

The team I referred to in the last post was Newport. They needed to be 3.50+ to qualify on systems 6 and 31. They were above this with Pinnacle tonight (still are) but using my usual odds quoting criteria (which tbh, isn't fixed but is pretty fluid!), I would have been quoting 3.25 tonight, so they don't qualify as a bet.

Next bets will be posted up at 6pm on Friday for the weekend.


  1. 6pm friday for selections here and 8pm for subscribers. Knowing your integrity I realise one of these are incorrect.


  2. Hi Les.

    Thanks for the comment mate. Similar to last Friday, it was a deliberate error just to make sure my subscribers were on the ball mate. You’ve passed with flying colours! ;)

    I’m just so used to quoting 6pm on Friday when I post anything on the blog to do with weekend bets. It’s like that thing in a supermarket where you ask the cashier for cashback before they ask you and then they ALWAYS ask you again like they’d usually do anyway, so it’s pointless asking for it first!

    I’ll do a quick post to ensure there’s no blog readers looking for the bets on Friday evening at 6pm.

    Cheers again,