Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I'll be back.......

As I said last week, I’m taking a break from the blog for a week. I think it’s important to get some time away from this game and considering the amount of work I’ve got to do this summer on the footie in preparation for next season, it makes sense to take a break now, just as the season is drawing to a close.

I’m conscious of the fact the blog is growing and now has 5 parts to it and therefore, anyone who stumbles across the blog probably won’t have a clue what’s going on! Here’s a quick rundown of the blog:

The Home Page is just the daily blog where I’ve been posted up the system bets and results since the start of the season.

The 2010/11 Monthly Results is where I’ve been putting the monthly reviews as to how the systems have been performing on a monthly basis. This is basically the summation of the daily views on a monthly basis.

The Historical Results – 06/07-09/10 shows the backfitted and backtested system results back to 2006. Earlier backfitted results aren’t included on the blog for reasons discussed previously.

The 2010/11 Season Review is a very high level rundown of the past season. Is probably a good starting point for anyone who stumbles across this post!

I’ve added a new section today though and this is called System Reviews - 2010/11. This area will be used for a review of all the systems alive for the 2010/11 season. I’ll run through the performance of each system and decide which systems will be dropped for next season and highlight any additional filters I’ll be using from next season. I’ll also highlight the betting banks for next season for each system.

As a taster of the info that will be shown on the system review section, I’ve added some info about system 6 for this season. I have this for every system but it will take time to get it on the blog and of course, I’ll need to write what the information is telling us and how we can use it going forward!

As always, any questions, drop me a comment.

If anyone does comment, I’ll not post the comment until I get back from my break. Hence, you’re not being ignored if you ask a question or make an observation!

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