Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm back.....

Just a quick post to say that I’m back looking at the football again. I’ve even started building my new set of systems based on Draw No Bet for next season!

As I said before I went away, my first task this summer is to carry out a review of all the systems from this season and decide which systems remain and which systems will be dropped. I’ll also be looking at ways to improve the ratings and the systems for next season.

At the same time, I’m going to building my new rating algorithm for next season. I’ve started it and I’ve actually run the first cut of data but it needs a fair bit of work. It seems to throw up far too many value bets now that I’m including draw coverage. If I went with the ratings as they are now, I’d be backing teams in about 50% of the games each weekend! Clearly a small flaw in there somewhere and I need to spend a helluva lot of time on this as there are no shortcuts.

With regards to next season, the Secret Betting Club has confirmed that they are happy for me to post my new system bets in their forum next season. Hence, the DNB bets will be proofed in their forum as well as on the blog and to the SBC themselves.

As discussed on the Q&A post a few weeks back, this means that these bets will be released to SBC members first and then posted on the blog at a later time. All I’m doing is giving a little bit of exclusivity to the SBC members for these bets as I’m a member of the SBC myself and I think members might like to track how these bets do next season.

Anyway, that will do for now. Keep an eye on the system reviews section as that is where I’ll be discussing the reviews for each of the systems this season. I’ll try to give updates on the blog of how things are going.

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