Thursday, 18 August 2011

Weekend 'Fun' Bets

Here’s the ‘fun’ bets for this weekend. Quite a few bets this weekend but there is a lack of high value bets I think. A few of the home bets look quite strong I think based on the % value and a couple of these are also classed as DNB value. The rules for Home DNB value bets are too complicated for even me to discuss but you can get these odds on shots thrown up under certain circumstances.

The aways look very risky as they’ve looked for the last two sets of games I guess but it only takes a couple of winners to ensure no damage is done.

In terms of the systems, Newport would be the strongest bet I think as they’d appear on system 22 which has a great record for Homes.

Only 2 weeks to go before the first system bets, so not too concerned with what’s going on at the minute. Counting down the days to the first bets.....

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