Saturday, 27 August 2011

Weekend Results - End of the trial

A really quick post as I’m getting married tomorrow and I thought I’d relax by updating the results from today to bring this trial to a close. :)

Today was another good day although being honest, looking at the basic results, you’d wonder what all the fuss was about with my ratings unless you analysed the % value aspect.

Overall, 15 games today managed to find 7 draws which means it is difficult to make a profit usually. However, backing all the value teams to win returned a small profit of 0.37pts (2.47% ROI). Backing all the games DNB was much better though with a profit of 2.97pts (19.80%). However, this DNB figure includes games that aren’t defined as value by my new DNB ratings. Only looking at DNB value games returned a profit of 1.97pts from 9 games (21.89%).

As we know, the above results don’t mean too much as we’re more interested in how the systems do. As I said on my last post, Burnley were the 3rd system bet this season to appear on system 8-22 and it was another winner. That’s 3 bets, 3 winners so far this season(4/1, 9/4, 6/4) which is good in one sense but considering I’ve not had a penny on any of them yet, I just know the first one from next week when the real system bets start is going to lose!

Overall, the 62pts staked returned a profit of 7.37pts (11.89% ROI). When you consider Burnley was a profit of 24.75pts alone, you can see how difficult it was to make a profit this weekend on the systems due to the number of draws.

If backing DNB on the systems, it was a better day with a profit of 15.48pts (24.97%). Lastly, if backing on the systems using DNB where DNB was deemed as value, you managed a profit of 17.48pts from 47pt staked (37.19%).

Overall, not a bad weekend and with so many draws on the games picked out, backing DNB was always going to do better than backing teams to win.

That brings this trial to an end and the real system bets start from next week. I’ll do a post next time on the results from the trial and all the bets thrown up so far this season. I don’t have time to analyse them fully but I think the conclusions are all fairly obvious if you have been following this trial.

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