Sunday, 2 October 2011

Strange Weekend

Another strange weekend and looking at some of the winners my ratings threw up, I can’t help but feel it could have been a much better weekend. Interestingly, with a glut of big priced winners and the majority of bets losing, it meant a poor weekend for DNB betting which in itself, is a little frustrating for some following I suspect. However, in the long-term, DNB should end up with a lower ROI but hopefully the ups and downs won’t be as bad. That’s the plan anyway but so far this season, nothing has gone to plan!

Winners such as Hearts (9/2), Doncaster (4/1), Cheltenham (16/5), Birmingham (13/5) and Bury (11/4) meant it could have been a very good weekend if things had fallen into place.

Unfortunately, although the three algorithms had good weekends, the systems only did OK. It just hasn’t clicked into place so far this season but this weekend at least showed some light could be at the end of the tunnel which gives me some hope!

Algorithm one found 20 bets, 9 winners and a profit of 7.73pts for H/A betting. DNB only produced a profit of 1.91pts as there were only 2 draws in there along with 9 losers.

Algorithm two found 13 bets, 5 winners and a profit of 3.63pts. DNB produced a profit of 1.06pts.

Algorithm three found 18 bets, 7 winners and a profit of 7.65pts. DNB produced a profit of 2.72pts.

Overall, all 3 algorithms had very good weekends for H/A betting although DNB struggled and only made a small profit.

The established systems from last season made a profit of 15.75pts for H/A betting but a loss of 3.39pts for DNB betting. Quite disappointing returns considering how good the base algorithms performed but you can’t win them all.

The new systems performed much better though and a profit of 41.56pts for H/A betting. However, DNB only made a profit of 12.68pts which again is disappointing.

Overall, depending on which systems you follow, it could have been a good weekend but if anyone is following DNB, it was likely to be a tough weekend to make a good profit. Of course, DNB made smaller losses last month than H/A betting, so it’s swings and roundabouts really.

Just pleased to have an OK weekend and hopefully form is starting to settle down now and hopefully the systems can build on this as I can do with some consistency. It has been a very inconsistent start this season for the ratings but I think that the bets I’m betting on are value and in the long-term, I’m still confident things will turn out OK.

Don’t expect many midweek bets but if there are any, I’ll post them up.

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