Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Summary so far.......

After my earlier post today on the midweek results, I couldn’t resist having a detailed look at how this season has gone so far. I've pulled a summary together tonight.

Below is the picture of the summary and if you click on it, you should hopefully be able to enlarge it to read it.

As I’ve said before, I don’t want to lead people to conclusions on this blog via my analysis and therefore, I’m not going to write a massive post on this. After all, there have only been 776 bets this season and there will be over 6,000 bets come the end of the season, so you can’t draw too many conclusions at the moment anyway.

Here’s some highlights:

The Bsq Prem accounts for 78% of this season’s losses on the systems

Looking in further depth, Bsq Prem Away bets accounts for 83% of this season’s losses on the systems.

Aways account for 96% of this season’s losses on the systems

Bets at 3/1+ account for 106% of this season’s losses on the systems. There have been 214 bets at 3/1+ with only 23 winners. A strike rate of less than 11%!

Away bets at 3/1+ account for 113% of this season’s losses on the systems

System 32 is in profit! I’d missed that fact. :)

Likely conclusion:

We’re due some big priced away winners if the previous 28,000 results are anything to go by!

Being honest, I feel a little better now I’ve looked at this summary and seeing the fact that it is mostly the Bsq Prem that is letting the systems down, along with the low strike rate of the Aways. As the season progresses, the Bsq Prem games will take a smaller share of the overall games (they’ve played the most games so far) and hopefully, we’ll start to hit some big priced away winners and everything will look much better.

Fingers crossed the fight back begins this weekend. There are a few big priced away teams who are well picked by the systems and therefore, it is likely to be the biggest weekend of the season so far.


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