Monday, 7 November 2011

A new blog to read.....

Thanks for the comments on the last couple of blog posts. As I’m sure you appreciate, it is a bit of a slog at times finding bets, placing bets, posting bets, updating results, finding bets, placing bets etc.

I do like the odd comment as it at least lets me know people are reading the blog!

I’ll update the weekend results on here after the Aberdeen game tonight. It was an OK weekend again and things are going as smoothly at the moment for the systems as they have since they went live I think! Even at the start of last season when things were going great, it was still very up and down every weekend but importantly, the good weekends were outweighing the bad weekends, so the P&L was going up gradually. At the moment, it seems to be a consistent stream of profits which really helps the mental state.

Over the past 5 weeks, things have gone fairly smoothly and the losses of September are already starting to look like a distant memory.

However, saying all of the above, if there is one thing I’ve learnt over the past 22 months, it’s that whenever things are going smoothly, the next downturn is right around the corner!

For those that are reading my blog and are also keen on horseracing, there is an excellent blog that has started recently which is written by a very good friend of mine. What this guy doesn’t know about horseracing isn’t worth knowing, so I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes this winter. Things have started well with a really nice winner at the weekend but he’ll hopefully build up a nice profit over the next few months.

He’s already well known to anyone who’s been a member of the TFA forum at my old horseracing site and he’s been proofing his bets in there for the past 18 months very successfully as many will be aware, so hopefully this now translates into a good profit for his blog readers and Twitter followers as he looks to branch out and help others make a profit from horseracing. I know he’s similar to me in the sense he’ll really appreciate any comments (good or bad!) and will respond to all comments that come his way, so don’t be shy in commenting on the blog.

Here’s his blog link here

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update of the weekend results. Could do with an Aberdeen win tonight to turn an OK weekend into a good weekend.


  1. Hi Graeme,

    Good to see the season is going well. I can't say I know much about football but I always read your blog and particularly interested in your research. It appeals to my investigative nature so I'm on your wave length. I will take a look at the new blog you mention. Always good to see a new face in the community and will be following with interest.

    Have a good week.


  2. Thanks for the comment Jason.

    I think anyone who likes numbers will probably get more from my blog than the average punter. Being honest, I’m not sure I appeal to the average punter (I write too many words on here!) but I’d like to think there is a niche group that do understand what I’m trying to do here. I’ve always loved the idea of a following a system based on numbers and I like the fact that when there is a bad weekend, I know the systems will just keep churning out the bets like they always do.

    Yeah, keep an eye out on the new blog. As I say, I know the guy who’s writing it very well and for anyone who’s interested in NH racing, it should be a good read this winter. It could fill the void left by your excellent blog during the winter months when there isn’t any two year old racing on the go!



  3. Hi Graeme,

    Yes, the advantage a system holds over more subjective (emotional betting) is its impartiality. It has an unrelenting formality which I find a great strength to betting. It certainly keeps you on a given path and it can be objectively tested, which most analysis is difficult if not impossible to pin down. It is a feature of The Market Examiner, too. There is a lot to be said for this approach, especially when you have confidence in a given system to the point you 'know' it will deliver over a given period of time. It is an feature of my betting to some extent on the horses and an area I hope to develop much more this new Flat season.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Hi Graeme,

    I follow your blog and predictions with interest, being another number cruncher. My statistical interest lies more in horse racing but, being an avid Cherries fan, I always have a punt on the footy as well.

    Keepy uppy