Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sumary fo far

I thought it was worth doing another summary of the season so far. I did one on the 12th of October and it wasn’t a pretty picture. 4 weeks on, things look much better although many of the same trends are apparent as before. However, it will take more than 4 weeks to reverse some of the trends from September as they were fairly significant.

A few highlights I’ve picked out are:

12 of the 20 systems are in profit - 7 of the 9 combined systems I track are in profit – Remember, there is nothing to stop you making up your own combined systems. See this post.
Homes have crawled into profit after a disastrous start this season but Aways still account for 95% of the profits on the systems
TOX, STOY and STOZ buck the general trend – Homes are doing great, Aways are struggling and the systems are losing – Surely a matter of time before these systems pick up!
Bsq Prem and League One bets are making a loss – the rest of the leagues are in profit.
Bsq Prem Aways remain an issue and continue to be loss making

People will be able to draw their own conclusions from the data I’ve posted.

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