Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekend Results

The Aberdeen game tonight has been called off due to the fog in Perth. It was very bad fog when I was driving home from work and I heard it had been postponed on the radio. This voids the bet as there is no rearranged date. Surely they could just play the game tomorrow night or Wednesday night but it never turns out that way! If they play it before any other games take place in the SPL, the bets stands from my point of view. If they play after other games take place, then the ratings will be updated and there is no guarantee that Aberdeen will qualify as a bet again.

In the meantime, it means I can update the weekend results tonight which means I can have a night off tomorrow night. :)

Algorithm one had 19 bets at the weekend. A profit of 3.44pts was made. The breakdown was 6 wins, 3 draws and 10 losers. However, the winners included teams at 5.00,4.06,4.00 and 3.75, so the strike rate doesn’t tell the full story. A profit of 0.31pts was made for DNB betting.

Algorithm two had a poor weekend. 18 bets and a loss of 3.56pts. There were only 4 winners, 4 draws and 11 losers.

Overall, the established systems made a profit of 8.5pts for H/A betting. For DNB betting, the profit was 3.33pts. There were 14 qualifying games, so a nice profit all round.

Algorithm three had a mammoth 25 bets this weekend. However, a loss of 2.56pts was made for H/A betting. 6 winners, 6 draws and 13 losers. A 2.69pt loss for DNB betting.

Amazingly, even though the algorithm made a loss, the systems did a good job in narrowing down the bets. System 32 took the 25 bets, narrowed them down to 8 bets and hit 4 winners. Hence, the other 17 games it didn’t like only included 2 winners!

Overall, the new systems created a profit of 22.78pts for H/A betting and a profit of 12.92pts for DNB betting. An excellent return considering that system 31 made a loss.

Just on the point about the systems, system 22 took the 18 bets on system 21 and narrowed them down to 2 bets, 2 winners at 4.06 and 4.00. Pretty good performance too.

Again, it’s hard to not be pleased with this weekend. It had the look of a fairly tough weekend with many of the systems not agreeing on bets but in the end, when the systems did agree, the bets performed well.

I’ll do a post in a day or so regarding this weekend. Although there are no official bets as there are no league games, there will be some ‘fun’ bets………


  1. Hi,
    would you be interested in exchanging links?

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Graeme,

    Just a quick note to congratulate you on the performance of your systems so far this season. I take a relatively conservative approach, and go 2 pt home and 1 pt away using systems 7-21, 6-22 (DNB) and STOY, and after totting up tonight I find I am 11 points in profit so far. If you recall the seasonality stuff we discussed in the forum earlier in the year, we should just be approaching the sweet spot for results - up to Christmas at least. So all looking reasonably rosy, although the one thing I have learned about this stuff is you can never predict the future!
    Many thanks for going to all this effort and sticking up the selections - the new Mrs Dand must have the patience of a saint, (although I suspect she may have had an inkling about what she was getting into!). All the best for the future and let's hope we see the results continuing to go your way.



  3. Hi JG.

    I’ve added a link to your blog mate. Would love to get into trading footie as I’m a competent trader at the horseracing but that’s a project for the future possibly. No time for anything else at the moment!

    Good luck.


  4. Hi Chris.

    Thanks for the comment mate. :)

    Yeah, I’m sure my other half knew what she was letting herself into when she married me!

    Good to see you’re now in profit on the season. I know things started terribly for you this season, so it has been some turnaround!

    You probably don’t realise this but you’ve actually been quite unlucky this season so far with the systems you’re following. 6-22 is doing well but DNB isn’t doing anywhere near as well as H/A. 7-21 is the worst performing system from the 6 combined systems this season. 7-21 is making a small loss but 7-22 has less than half of the bets so far but is 10pts better off. Lastly, STOY has started very slowly this season (along with TOX and STOZ). Any of the other new systems would have been making a profit this season so far. I know the guys in the forum are following 6-32 and that’s doing particularly well at the moment. Lastly, betting more on Homes than Aways hasn’t worked the best either although it has helped on STOY!

    Overall mate, I reckon you’ve been unlucky but there is plenty of time left for things to change. If someone had said your portfolio would be in profit today at the end of September, I’d have said they were taking the pis*, so I’m hopeful you’re past the worst.

    Yeah, I’m very much like you in the sense I’ve given up trying to predict what happens next. Every time things are going well, they then go bad and likewise, when I think the systems are performing rubbish, they bounce back.

    I’ll be interested to see what happens after Christmas this year. I can do without the same run we had last season as the systems won’t have the same level of profits to fall back on. However, I don’t honestly believe that will happen and if it is simple down to too many draws, then many of us will be covered by the DNB strategy on some systems too.

    Thanks for your comment.