Friday, 30 December 2011

A change to TOX, STOY and STOZ (Again!)

Right, this contradicts my last post a little on the blog about struggling for time but I’m going to loosen the criteria on TOX, STOY and STOZ this season from now. I was really into the idea of having very selective systems built on a different method with a high ROI this season but so far, it just hasn’t worked at all and therefore, I can either sit back and watch these systems struggle or do something about it.

Of course, it invalidates the historical results again (second time I’ve tweaked these systems this season as I added more Aways before) and this time, I’m definitely not updating the historical results but we can worry about the past when we get to the summer. At the moment, these systems are effectively dead systems as I’m not continuing with systems like this rubbish next season, so I’ll change the criteria to let more bets onto the systems now and see what happens.

Will it improve profitability? Not a clue but considering the Aways are -30% this season on these systems and +20% on my established systems, it can’t make things any worse I suspect!

If people are following one of these 3 systems, I’d take things really easy for a few weeks. I don’t know how many bets to expect going forward now, so just take things slowly for the timebeing. Reduce stakes. If you aren’t interested in the new bets, I’ll highlight the new bets clearly on these systems so you can still follow the old method! Seems a bit mad to have 2 types of bets within a system but I don’t want any more bloody systems to track and the methodology is the same, it’s just the criteria is tweaked. I could have done it without telling anyone but you’d have got suspicious by the number of bets going through the roof!

Anyway, I hope this breathes some life into these systems again. Deep down, I still believe these may be the best systems I have, they just have a funny way of showing it. Been saying that for 4 months and they haven’t been in profit once yet! :(

I’ll paste up the additional weekend bets in a bit.

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