Saturday, 31 December 2011

TPI Returns......

The title may not mean much to some readers unless you were reading my blog from early 2011 but The Portfolio Investor has returned from his sabbatical and is writing a new blog from the start of next year.

Here’s a link to his blog and as always, Rowan’s musings should be an interesting read.

Rowan and I go back a good couple of years now and he’s been an avid supporter of my exploits with the football systems since I started this project. He was one of the first guys to comment on the first ever post I put up in the TFA forum saying I was looking to build some football systems at the end of 2009. I met up with Rowan at Aintree in April 2010 and we discussed the football systems and where I wanted to go (I doubt he’ll remember this!) and again, he was very supportive and gave me great encouragement.

When I started out with my systems at the start of last season, Rowan did his homework and followed system 8 and then switched to system 8-22 and this season, he’s been following system 7-22. He was very supportive of the systems last season through his blog even though things went rapidly downhill on system 8-22 in the second half of last season but he never once had a bad word to say about the systems. A true gent. Hopefully he’s been repaid for his faith in the systems this season via the results on system 7-22 so far this season. :)

Anyway, I’m sure the blog will be worth reading and definitely one to bookmark.

The other blog I’ve added is one written by Eddie (Soccerdude) and the link for this one is:

I’ve only read a dozen posts or so but it looks like an entertaining read and should be worth following as we move into next year.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and I’ll get on with finding the footie bets for Monday now!


  1. Oooh, thanks for the plug. Appreciated :-)

  2. No probs mate. It will get you plenty of visitors to your blog mate. ;)