Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I feel like last night's games were typical of the way this season is shaping up I think. Overall, it was a losing night for my ratings with only 3 winners from 10 games (2 teams lost late goals to only draw) but the selective systems did OK in the end.

There were 3 key games for me and they ended with one winner, one draw and one loser. The winner and the draw were the two most important games of the evening, so it ensured I could make a small profit on the night overall.

It's very frustrating at the minute as things aren't exactly going to plan and I've been treading water (or slipping backwards) for over 6 weeks but I think I just have to stick with it and hope things take a turn for the better. I can't help but feel I'm hitting too many draws at the moment with the systems although until recently, I've never had the data to look at it. I've now spent a week or so gathering this additional data and adding it to my spreadsheets.

Expect some analysis in the near future on the impact of the draw........

In the meantime, below are the results from last night (the site where I get my game data from had the wrong date for the Everton game. I've put the Everton game down as a loser in system 16 to allow me to post my results. If they win tonight, I'll adjust it in my results in my sheets).

Overall, 2pts profit on the single bet systems but the 'usual' large loss on the multiple bets!

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