Thursday, 14 April 2011


Having worked on this football project for 16 months now, it is actually quite painful to watch what is happening at the moment. After 14,000 historical games, you sort of assume that you've seen everything that can possibly happen to the systems but unfortunately, that appears to not be the case.

This midweek was another amazing turn of events and this month is now pushing the boundaries of being another statistical freak. More on this later today as I've been looking at the draw again!

We'll deal with the update of results in this post and worry about trying to interpret the results later.

Simply, 5 midweek games, 1 winner and 4 losers for the systems. A loss of 1pt as the winner was Coventry at 3/1. Looking in slightly more depth, 1 winner, 3 draws and 1 loser in total.

The single bet systems turned this 1pt loss into 12pt loss. 32 bets, 5 winners at 3/1 and 27 losers.

Breaking this down though, 5 winners, 24 draws and 3 losses. 24 draws in 32 games. You really couldn't make this up. :(

The 3 big games in midweek all finished 1-1.

You can do the sums yourself at a high level but DNB was profitable and DC was also profitable this midweek. Hard to not be profitable with only 3 losses in 32 games!

I'm sick to death of writing about the draw and I'm sure readers of the blog are sick of hearing about it but quite simply, when things like this happen, the only way I know to rationalise it is to go back to the data and try to understand it further.

Hence, my next post will be another post on the draw.........

Here's the mess from midweek.

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