Saturday, 23 April 2011


A very quick post as I won’t get the results updated from this weekend until next week. I’ll be posting the bets for Monday tomorrow night or very early Monday morning as it’s a bit of a rush-job this weekend with so many games taking place in a short space of time.

I’ve just tallied up the scores on the doors for the last two days but I wouldn’t assume these are 100% correct until I fully go through the results sheets. Overall, I think it’s about a 10pt loss on the systems overall but that doesn’t tell half the story!

Friday was a shocker with 5 games played and no winners. 38pts lost for the systems. The Rotherham game was a real sickener as they were 2-0 up and trading 1.13 at half time. They let a goal slip in the second half and as tends to happen when things aren’t going your way, they let in an injury time equaliser. A swing of 35pts on the game and if they had held on, it was nearly a break-even day.

Today couldn’t have gone much worse than yesterday but it was another sickener of a day really. Charlton were the culprits this time. 2-0 up and cruising against a team with no confidence and little chance of getting back in the game. 2 sending offs in the space of 6 mins and with 25 minutes left, they had to try to hold on with 9 men. No such luck as they drew 2-2. A 25pt swing on that game.

So, instead of a decent profit on Rotherham and Charlton, it was substantial losses and a 60pt swing against me. Unreal.

As it turned out, Carlisle and Newport came to my rescue and both won today. Carlisle at 7/2 was the highlight although Newport at 7/4 weren’t far behind.

Overall, a profit of 28pts today and when you consider the 25pt swing with Charlton, it could have been much, much better.

I make it 10pts lost over the 2 days which after Friday, I would have taken.

15 games overall picked out, 4 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. 40% strike rate on draws again. Unreal.

The systems picked out 79 bets. 22 wins, 29 losses and 28 draws. 35% strike rate on draws again. Unreal.

Hard to know what to make of the last 2 days. Nothing appeared to go for me again and yet, it was only a small loss. Hopefully I can get the rub of the green on Monday!

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