Wednesday, 20 April 2011

2 from 4

Just a quick post with an update of how last night went. I said this in the TFA forum this morning but in one sense, last night was meaningless. The weakest bets from my ratings are the ones that only appear on system 21 and therefore, no one could ever follow these with much confidence.

Even so, it was still nice to see a winning night for the systems in advance of a very busy weekend period. The next week or so will make or break this month and after a nightmare start this month, the systems are fighting back a little.

2 wins, a draw and one loser last night but a profit of 3.4pts to the prices I advised. For info, DNB was a profit of 2.4pts and DC was a profit of 1.2pts. Better could have been achieved at the start of the game across the piece last night but I record the prices I take at a point in time. Whether they drift or contract in price isn't really relevant to me as I'm not trading.

The next week or so is fairly busy for me with the footie but I'll find the time to send out the bets as usual and post them up here afterwards. I'll do the Friday/Saturday/Sunday games on Thursday and then the Monday/Tues games on Sunday. I'll post up the bets at night.

There is a chance I'll struggle on Sunday night to post them as I'm out all day Sunday, so it might fall into Monday morning first thing for Monday's bets.

Looking forward to the next week or so as with the Bank Holiday and then next weekend too, there are still a lot of games to be played in April. Hence, this month could still go either way I suspect and I can badly do with a decent end to the month after the start!

Be back later this week then with the bets for the weekend.


  1. Hi Graeme,

    Have been following your blog and really enjoying the content - you mention in your insert above "I said this in the TFA forum this morning" where abouts is the TFA forum?

    Hope your recovery this month continues


  2. Hi Keith.

    Thanks for the comment. Good to know you are reading the blog and enjoying it. I'm always curious about who reads the blog and whether they understand it as it can be a geeky at times on here with my analysis.

    The TFA forum is just an old forum linked to a racing tipster service from my past. When I closed the service, the forum kept going with a bunch of guys who were with me for a while for the racing. I don't want to discuss the forum too much as it is a private forum where membership is pretty exclusive and therefore, it doesn't have much to do with this blog. The reason I refer to it at times is all the forum guys read the blog and they read the blog to get additional thoughts I guess on how things are going. Sometimes though, I say things in there that I repeat on here, so that's why I mentioned it on this post.

    Many of the members of the forum have blogs or have run tipster services or are professional gamblers etc. It's quite a unique place! Rowan (The Portfolio Investor), Iain (Football Formbook) and Mark (Patient Speculation) are all long-standing members of the forum which gives an indication of the quality of members in there. :)

    I too hope the recovery continues this month mate! It does make me laugh at times when things can go so badly wrong in one day like they did the start of this month but in the overall scheme of things, you can't pay attention to one day's results. I've learnt that a few times this season already and looking back of the past results, that sort of day happens 5 or 6 times a season sometimes. You just need to ride the waves I think.