Wednesday, 17 April 2013

An end to the winning run.....

Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this to occur but the systems have made a loss last weekend and a small loss in midweek. I think the fact they’ve only made a small loss is the key and if I’m being honest, there was a really late goal on Saturday on a team that was heavily selected and if they had held on to win, I would actually be posting a small profit I think, so it’s not all bad.

It does sort of feel like it’s a case of holding onto the profits now but as I’ve said so many times before, I can’t control the number of bets the systems have, so they will continue churning out the bets as they have always done.  We lose the Bsq Prem after this weekend and then League One and Two follow the weekend after, so at least as the leagues finish, there is less time for the systems to do much damage!

Anyway, here’s the results since the last post.

Est Systems

A really sore result with Bradford at the weekend and if they had held on, this update would have been much different. As it happens, a 15.16pts loss from 38 bets isn’t a disaster and given the month so far, the systems can absorb this fairly easily.

New Systems

These systems only had a small loss at the weekend but the midweek fixtures weren’t great here. Again, with the month so far, they can absorb this sort of loss I think but hopefully they don’t lose any more of the profits! A loss of 12.44pts from 96 bets.

Misc Systems

An update to forget for these systems. A loss of 11.09pts from 25 bets.

Under/Over Systems

A 0.10pts loss from 13 bets!  

Euro Systems

A tough weekend again and these systems are now in something of a slump after the heroics of last month!  They really do drive me crazy at times but we’ll see what the next month brings. The next month will determine how much time and effort I need to spend on these ratings this Summer.  A loss of 16.8pts from 100 bets.

Overall, all 5 systems have had a losing week and the P&L takes a bit of a dent. A loss of 55.59pts from 272 bets.

We’re now in the final furlong this season and the bet number will drop after this weekend as we start to reach the end of the leagues. The top leagues continue for another month or so and I’ll be stopping the bets in a month  (not continuing for two Euro leagues in isolation) but I’ll share more on this in the next week or so.

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