Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Results Update

A quick update tonight since there are no midweek bets on the systems. A bit of a strange weekend where the overall P&L didn’t move by much (a small loss) but there was a bit of a continued redistribution of wealth between the systems.  The Est Systems did well but the other systems struggled overall and created a small loss. No real damage done and I suspect some people reading this had a good weekend whereas others (myself included) didn’t have the best weekend! Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Est Systems

A profit of 29.71pts from 53 bets. A really good return and the base ratings did very well. A profit on every system this weekend keeps the good run going this month.

New Systems

A pretty big loss this weekend and these systems are suddenly starting to struggle. A 33.18pts loss from 77 bets. The draw was a bit of an annoyance here this weekend but maybe these systems are settling down to some sort of long-term view of performance after outperforming for the majority of the season.

Misc Systems

An overall loss of 1.18pts from 33 bets. STOX and STOY both had decent weekends but the rest of the systems struggled. Can’t win all the time I guess!

Under-Over Systems

A nothing weekend here with a loss of 0.78pts from 3 bets.

Euro Systems

A real struggle this weekend for the higher combined system bets but to be fair, the draw was a nightmare here again.  A loss of 10.2pts from 61 bets but all it took was one of the draws to turn into a win and it would have been a different picture I think.

Overall, a loss of 15.63pts from 227 bets at the weekend. A poor weekend really and takes the shine off a really good month so far.

Be back after the weekend with the next update.

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