Thursday, 4 April 2013

Nice start to April......

A stunning start to the month of April and the last 8 weeks or so have been unbelievable for the systems. It’s quite remarkable in the sense that this season has been the complete opposite to the first two seasons where the systems did much better in the first half of the season and were treading water thereafter. The systems were very average over the first half of the season but have turned it around in the New Year.

I actually chose to stay up very late on Sunday night to do the monthly review before Monday’s games as if things had went really bad on Monday, I would have struggled to review March properly as I’d have been pissed off that April had started badly! I know it sounds silly but I’ve written monthly reviews before after a new month has started and it is difficult to not get distracted by the fact the new month has started poorly and therefore, it makes the review for the previous month harder to write if it was a good month.

Anyway, I should have held off writing the March review till now as I’d have been using even more superlatives than I used in the review!

The Euro systems only had a few games on Monday and there were no winners, so they start the month poorly but the UK systems have got off to a flyer. Traditionally, April has been the toughest month for the systems, so it’s very early (only two days in!) to say it will be an OK month but given the start, there is a little bit of a cushion for the systems if a bad run does hit.

I’ve said this lots of times on the blog but when you are on a run like this, you are sort of waiting for the downturn to occur. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of bets now and when you experience an amazing run (far ahead of the long-term average), the next downturn tends to never be too far away. I’m hoping we can ride this wave for the next 6 weeks until the season ends but I can’t see it. As ever, we’ll see what happens.

Est Systems

I think this is the first time this season when these systems have had a little bit of luck on a decent priced bet and boy, what a difference it makes to the results. One of two biggest bets were 1-0 down with 5 mins left and managed to win 2-1 in injury time. The other big bet were 3-0 up at half time, so it wasn’t all about luck!

A profit of 62.60pts from 57 games. The combined systems made a profit of 34.34pts from 24 bets. This increases the season’s profits on these systems by 50% in one fell swoop! Amazing what a good day can do for these systems in a poor season!

The base ratings made a good profit too and overall, everything appeared to click for a small sample of games. Won’t hit too many days like this in a season but I’ve experienced this a couple of times in 3 seasons and it feels pretty good when it occurs!

It would be great if the systems could build on this for the rest of the month and finish the last full month with a flourish and hopefully go some way to making up for a poor season overall for these systems. 

New Systems

Not quite as good a return on these systems compared to the Est Systems (not said that many times this season!) but still a great start to the month. A profit of 37.08pts from 94 bets.

Misc Systems

A decent start to the month for these systems too with a profit of 21pts from 38 bets. Surprising that STOZ only broke even on a day when every other system made huge profits but given the run the system has been on, it was probably due a poor day!

Under/Over Systems

A lot of bets to start the month but a profit was made. A profit of 1.7pts from 13 bets.

Euro Systems

 The only systems to start the month poorly. 10 bets, 10 points lost. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come this month!

Overall then, a really positive start to the month of April. 212 bets and a profit achieved of 112.38pts. An ROI of 53%. No chance of keeping this up this month but hopefully the systems can keep the good run going for a bit longer!

Be back after the weekend with the next update.

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