Monday, 29 April 2013

Poor weekend......

A really poor weekend I’m afraid and it stops this month from being a very good month. To be fair, I think it’s still been a good month but early on, it had the potential to be something quite special but the last two weeks have been a struggle.

I’m not sure we had the best of luck this weekend as I said in my email today but luck evens itself out over the course of the season, so not going to moan too much.

I’ll be back soon with the monthly review.

Est Systems

A loss of 21.1pts from 56 bets. Draws were a bit of a killer and backing AH0.5 on all bets was only a 1.94pt loss. The combined systems lost 8.60pts which is a disappointing way to end the month.

New Systems

A really poor weekend for these systems too with a 17.85pts loss from 92 bets. The ratings didn’t do too badly but the combined systems didn’t do too well with the bets.

Misc Systems

I haven’t said this too many times this season but a really bad weekend for these systems, especially the STO systems. I think at times like this, given the season they’ve had, you take it on the chin and move on. A loss of 21.6pts from 35 bets.

Under/Over Systems

Shocking day for these systems. 0 from 5 on the Overs and 1 from 1 on the Unders. A loss of 3.96pts from 6 bets.

Euro Systems

A poor day yet again and the bad run continues. A loss of 17.8pts from 74 bets. Only highlight was the best bet of the weekend winning, all the other higher combined system bets lost.

Overall, a really poor weekend but not a total disaster. A loss of 82.31pts from 263 is about as bad a weekend as I can recall this season. My own betting portfolio had a real nightmare this weekend which has me licking my wounds a little but I’ll try to not it sour the month too much. As I said in the email to subscribers earlier today, I’d have taken the P&L this month if I’d been offered it, so I’ll try to not get too downhearted about the way it has ended.

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