Monday, 8 April 2013

Dodged a few bullets......

I said on the last post that given the run the systems were on, I was sort of expecting a poor spell and this weekend wasn’t great. All 6 algorithms made a loss and from 58 unique bets, there were only 14 winners. That resulted in a 15.68pts loss if someone backed all 58 bets. It was only a loss of 6.8pts if using AH0.5, so the draw definitely was a bit of a pest.

Importantly, as you’ll see below, the systems are actually posting a small profit over the weekend which is quite surprising given the underlying results. Looking quickly, there were 7 bets that appeared 13 times or more on the systems. 5 of the teams won at odds of 3.75, 3.50, 2.25, 2.10 and 2.02.  These results have saved the weekend and if a couple of these games had gone the other way, this update would look a lot different I think.

As it turns out, we appear to have dodged a really difficult weekend (especially in the Euro leagues where the odds on favourites seemed to do pretty well) and therefore, I have to be happy with this results update. The other UK bets that didn’t appear on multiple systems had a shocking weekend and overall, I think we just put this weekend down to a tough weekend.

On the plus side, my own betting portfolio managed a profit this weekend and therefore, I would hope no one did too badly. :)

Est Systems

A profit of 2.94pts from 61 bets. Systems 7 & 8 and 7-21 and 8-21 were the stars with 100% records. There were two bets and two winners and that ultimately has saved these systems this weekend.

New Systems

A similar story to what I said in the intro here but the ratings did badly but the systems did OK. The top 4 combined systems made 12.94pts from 19 bets but the other systems struggled. Overall, a profit of 16.67pts from 114 bets.

Misc Systems

The stars of the show again this weekend. A profit of 18.36pts from 55 bets. The STO systems again did well and it makes up for them not making much profit last Monday when the other systems in the group did well.

I’m really looking forward to reviewing the Home bets on these STO systems again. I said at the end of last season that these were my strongest home bets and the returns look unbelievable this season. The actual returns on the STO systems compared to the banks required are unbelievable and they look something like the systems I thought they would be last season! Again, shows the need for patience at this game……

Under/Over Systems

A really good weekend for these systems and I think they always tend to start months well and then fade! A profit of 2.43pts from 8 bets. Let’s see if they can build on it and at least have a profitable month. I doubt it!

Euro Systems

After an amazing month last month, these systems have started poorly this month with a loss again.  The volatility with these systems is a bit much I think and I think there needs to be some work done on these this Summer, regardless of the results this season. A loss this weekend of 29pts from 108 bets.

Overall then, on a very tough weekend I think, we see a profit of 11.4pts from 346 bets. An ROI of 3.3%, Given the results of the base ratings, you have to say the systems dodged a few bullets this weekend (and a lot of them at that!)

Might put up a few posts this week on plans going forward and how the service is evolving if I can find some time.

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