Thursday, 11 April 2013

The winning run continues.......

As the title suggests, it was another good midweek. When my ratings do as well as this in a small set of fixtures, the only worry is that with so few system bets, it was an opportunity missed but I’m maybe being a little bit harsh on the systems. It keeps the momentum going and as I keep saying in these results posts, the next bad run can’t be too far away based on historical experience but at the moment, we’re riding off the back of some positive variance.

Variance is something that is often discussed on here when a bad run hits and it’s simply due to there not being enough bets for the edge to show through. At the moment, the systems are suffering from the opposite effect and although there aren’t a lot of bets, the strike rate is very high (way above historical results) and therefore, a bump down to earth is coming soon I’m sure.

Let’s enjoy this while it lasts though.

Est Systems

23.12pts profit from 30 bets. The combined systems made 10.11pts from 9 bets which is a decent return! A new profit peak was reached on a 6-21 for the first time since the start of March, so it has gone through a tough 5 or 6 weeks at a time when many of the other systems were doing better. 6-21 is a popular system I think, so those following this should be happy again!

New Systems

 A steady return on these systems with a profit of 11.60pts from 34 bets.

Misc Systems

I seem to be saying this every week at the moment but the stars of the show again. A profit of 21.11pts from 24 bets. These systems have turned my own betting portfolio’s performance from being a brilliant season to a near unbelievable season. I keep waiting on them having a bad run and going off form (especially the STO systems) but they just continue to churn out profits. A lot has been written about my systems (mostly from me I suspect) but I think this Summer, when I review the season these systems have had, it will blow people’s minds as to what is possible in this game.

Under/Over Systems

It must have been a good set of fixtures when this system makes a profit! 1 bet, 1 winner. A profit of 1.02pts.

Overall, a profit of 56.85pts from 89 bets. Not much more you can add to that I think. It was easy to make a profit this midweek as there were so few draws but, as I said on the last post when we managed to escape with a small profit from a really tough weekend, being able to keep hold of profits during a bad set of fixtures is more important than making profits during a good set of fixtures.

Be back after the weekend with the next update.

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