Thursday, 9 February 2012

Could have been a disaster.....

I said last night that I wouldn't look in depth at the results I missed but once you start looking, it's so addictive, it's nearly impossible to stop!

Anyway, I've got nothing to lose by sharing the results on here. These obviously won't be used for anything but if any of you are following systems, you'll see what you missed by me being away.

The key game was the Chelsea v Man Utd game. Chelsea appeared on every system and if they had won, I'm not sure I'd have been so keen to share the results I missed. As it turns out, with them losing a 3 goal lead, it means that the more selective systems struggled to make any profits due to a lack of bets.

Interestingly, system 6-21 continued in the same form it was in before I left and missed out on a little profit in my absence. The combined systems missed out on around 4.4pts profit from 21 bets and that would have been my proofed results. As the title suggests, it's not a disaster but if Chelsea had won, it would have been!

That's me now up to date and starting to look at the weekend games now. Looks to be plenty of bets here, so they'll be on the blog tomorrow night.


  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a good honeymoon!

  2. Welcome back. For me it has been an even longer lay off as I am wintering in Spain and did not have a useable internet until last week but it was great to get todays selections and get the bets on.
    Pleased you had a good honeymoon and I am sure you and your wife enjoyed escaping the freezing cold of the UK.
    You are back now so hopefully we will have a profitable rest of the season.


  3. Hi Malcolm. Thanks for the comment. It was great to get a break away as well as enjoying the fact it was our honeymoon! Nice to get a bit of sun too. :)

    Cheers Les. Hopefully you’ve not missed too many of the footie bets mate over the winter months. Hasn’t been great lately but still managing to eek out profits in the main which is the important thing in the long-term.

    Here’s to a profitable end to the season mate. I reckon that if I can keep the profitable run going through the next few months, it will establish the service as one of the best in the market over the last 2 seasons. However, having suffered horrendous losses in February and April last season, I’m not exactly flowing with confidence but hopefully it will turn out well.