Sunday, 12 February 2012

Results Update

A quick update tonight as it’s been a long week and I’m back to work tomorrow.

A strange weekend really as there were 7 teams thrown up as value across the 3 algorithms but in reality, the only game that mattered this weekend was always going to be the West Brom game as I said on Friday night. Only one of the 7 games resulted in the systems finding a winner this weekend…..thankfully, it was the game that mattered and boy, did West Brom win that game. It was actually 5-1 going on about 10-2 and as I said on Friday, my ratings had West Brom down as a class above Wolves at the moment and I think the gap in class was apparent from the first whistle.

I backed West Brom at odds of 3.20 and just before kick-off, they were about 2.80 on Betfair I think which was much closer to where they were meant to be. Having watched the game, I’d say I had them overpriced myself as from the first whistle, they always looked the much more likely team to win.

Thankfully, the game helped win back the losses from Saturday as it was a poor day on Saturday.

Algorithm one had 5 bets, 1 winner, 3 draws and 1 loser. A loss of 1.9pts for H/A but a profit of 0.19pts for DNB.

Algorithm two had 4 bets, 1 winner, 2 draws and 1 loser. A loss of 0.9pts for H/A but a profit of 0.19pts for DNB.

Algorithm three had 5 bets, 3 draws and 2 losers. A loss of 5pts for H/A and a loss of 2pts for DNB.

Not exactly a pretty set of results for the base algorithms but as always, the systems tell the story of the weekend.

The established systems made a profit of 13.10pts for H/A and 10.07pts for DNB. The combined systems were the major winner in that set of systems with a profit of 9.6pts from 9 games (6.13pts for DNB).

The new systems made a loss of 8.7pts for H/A and a loss of 0.44pts for DNB.

The winners were actually the SGM systems who made a profit of 1.1pts for H/A and 1.19pts for DNB on each of the 3 systems.

Overall then, depending on the systems you follow, it could easily have been a profitable weekend or a losing weekend. Those following the combined systems probably had an OK weekend again I hope.

I’ll be back on Tuesday morning with the bets for midweek.

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