Wednesday, 16 May 2012

2011/12 Season Review

Just a very quick post to say that the season review is up on the blog.  You can read it here.

The last piece of work I need to do to review this season is obviously to review each of the systems in detail. Due to the fact it isn’t my intention to tweak the ratings or the systems this Summer that are already live, I don’t intend on going into massive depth about the performance of the systems this season.

I’ll try to pick out a few highlights, maybe revisit the betting banks, bet expectation levels etc. but unlike last season, I will release the reviews in Excel to the subscribers who have subscribed for next season.  Hence, people can spend hours looking at tables and tables of numbers and charts rather than me having to do it!

Of course, I’ll answer any questions or do any further analysis people ask for. For those who are subscribing for next season or the few of you who have already subscribed, I’ll be putting up a page across on the site where I’ll start to log all your questions or bits of analysis to do and when we get to July onwards, I’ll work through these questions and post replies so all members can see them.  I know I’ve already been asked lots of things but when that page appears and if you see your question isn’t on it, email me and I’ll get it added!

Hopefully, by the time July comes, I’ll have the Euro systems built, shared the results on these and we can start looking at how to maximise profits next season. I did the same last Summer but the number of subscribers will hopefully be higher this season, so I guess that means more work for me than ever before. 

Someone asked me if I planned on updating the results pages across at the new site. Obviously, the answer is Yes but I need time to do it and for TOX, STOY and STOZ, I don’t have the full backtested results yet, so I’ll need to do that first.  There is no rush as the results are on the blog if anyone wants to see them.

So, next steps are the system reviews.  Already started pulling together the spreadsheet but this is a big task, so don’t expect to see too much from me for a few days on here!

I don’t want to keep plugging the service on the blog but I am serious about the fact the discount will end on the 3rd of June.  I’ve had a lot of people leave comments over the past few months saying they’re interested in joining the service but so far, I’ve had a couple of new members and a handful of current subscribers resubscribe. Aside from the fact you get a cheaper price, it’s better for me if people can join in the next few weeks as it means I can concentrate on the other systems this Summer instead of answering emails and doing admin. 

Right, best get on with reviewing these systems…..

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