Monday, 14 May 2012

The journey continues.......

Good evening.

It feels a little strange writing this on the blog as I’ve deliberately steered clear of using the blog for any form of advertising for the service. For 2 seasons, the blog and service have run in parallel with all bets being sent out to members and then appearing on the blog at a later time.

Well, this post changes all of this and for the first time ever, I’m openly giving blog readers the chance to join the main service. 

If you take yourself over to you can take a look at what’s being offered. I should stress the website remains a work in progress and long-term, I would like the site to become the home of all my analysis in the form of PDF articles and therefore, there will be a library of content available to all members relating to all the systems.  There are also no results on the website as yet but they are all on the blog!

I’ve lost count of how many topics I’ve discussed on the blog since its inception but going forward, with more systems, more leagues, more ways to play the bets, I can’t see the amount of analysis reducing anytime in the near future!

The membership for new members for next season is £180 although as a thank you to blog readers over the last 2 seasons, if you join up before the 3rd of June, you can join for £150. The discount code you need is tfablogdiscount30.  If you enter this code in the discount box, the price should only be £150.  Anyone joining after 3rd June will pay full price.

All members who have joined before 3rd June will be eligible to play the free TFA subscriber Euro 2012 correct score competition.  There will be a first prize of £150 for the winner and I can’t enter!  I ran a similar competition for Cheltenham and a member won a free subscription for this season. :)

The reason for the early bird discount and the Euro 2012 idea is so I can attract the number of members I need for the service as early as possible. I don’t want to reach the stage where it comes to mid summer and I’m having to go out and try to attract more subscribers. If people are interested, join asap. If not, don’t join but once places are full, there will be nowhere to follow the bets next season. They won’t be posted on the blog before the games take place next season.

I don’t have to repeat this I’m sure but as I said at the outset to the first members who joined the service, the subscription fee isn’t a share of the profits I expect you to make, it is a fee to cover my time, effort, hardwork and dedication that goes into keeping the ratings updated, getting the systems bets formulated every week and sent out on time. It also pays for the time I spend analysing data, answering emails, supplying advice and so on.  There is no charge for the intellectual property involved in the ratings this season. If I was charging a fee based on the returns to date and expected profitability, it would cost much more than £150 to join the service.

If the systems crash and burn next season, as long as the bets are being supplied as expected, these fees will not be refunded under any circumstances. The fee covers the work involved for me next season, not the prospect of making exceptional profits again!

I think the post above gives enough details but if anyone has any questions, please leave a comment on the site or a comment on this post (with an email and I won’t publish the comment) and I will get back to you asap.

Places will be limited to try to protect prices the best I can (I can’t stop people from compounding stakes!) but I don’t envisage any issues with price liquidity given the systems have been highly profitable for blog readers to date when the odds have rebounded after my members have placed their bets.


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