Wednesday, 2 May 2012

System Results Updated And A Surprise Return....

A quick post to say that I’ve updated the Latest System Results page on the blog.  Makes quite interesting reading I guess when you look at the overall proofed results to date for all the systems. 

7-22 tends to get most of the plaudits from this blog and many of my subscribers but 8-22 isn’t a bad system either!

The DNB return on 7-22 is unreal really and if you break this down into Home and Aways, you’ll see that you can get rid of a lot of variance on 7-22 by using DNB on the Away bets I suspect.  It’s like a dream system!

I joked in an email to someone the other day that I probably have the top 4 performing football systems in the market over the last 2 seasons and I suspect this table backs this up.  7-22 and 8-22 are pushing the boundaries around what is possible with football betting system returns and I wouldn’t be overly surprised if they are beating their long-term ROI over the last two seasons.  Definitely something to chew over if these are the only systems being followed at the moment by anyone. 

The other piece of news is the return of JP’s betting blog. I’m sure many of my current readers will remember JP’s blog well but I’m sure it will also be new to many of you. 

I’ve got to know JP pretty well over the last couple of years after he became a member of my racing service and I still catch up with him regularly when I can. I’m not too sure what his plans are for his blog (he only told me last night he was writing on it again!) but I’m sure it will be interesting reading.  There are a lot of well written blogs around these days but when I read JP’s musings, I always think it flows so naturally and he’d make a great writer in another walk of life!

If anyone hasn’t come across his blog before, I’d recommend taking an evening out and just reading it from the beginning. A rollercoaster of a ride and a great insight into a punter’s mindset and the decisions that need to be made when running a portfolio. 

Welcome back JP!


  1. Cheers mate, much appreciated !

  2. No probs mate.

    Looking forward to getting back into the habit of reading your postings again. :)