Friday, 18 May 2012

Future Analysis.......

A very quick update.

I'm getting OK with the spreadsheet with the systems analysis for this season but it's slow going really. I'm hoping to have it completed some time next week.  I've had a few requests from blog readers who are considering subscribing next season to see the results in depth in Excel, so I may well release the sheet on the blog as well as to subscribers.  Not sure yet.

After that is done next week, I'll tidy up the results data I have and share the historical results with members. This will allow those who like Excel or databases to play with the data and hopefully look at developing systems for next season.

As I mentioned on the last blog post, I've added a new page to the FAQ section on the site called 'Future Analysis'.  Quite simply, this will be a log of any analysis work that members want me to carry out this Summer. I'll do the work and then do posts on the blog with the findings.

I've put up some things I've been asked to date but I know other people have asked other questions, I just can't remember them! If anyone has any questions that you've either already asked me to look at or would like me to look at this Summer, just drop me an email and I'll add them to the list.  I can't promise I'll look at everything on the list this Summer but I'd like to do that. If I feel like it's going to help people maximise profits, I'll do it.

Apart from that, it's fairly quiet at the moment as I work away on the systems review analysis sheet.  I'm looking forward to reading the Secret Betting Club's view on the football season for the services they monitor and I believe their next magazine is released next week. Will be really interesting to see how TFA fared last season in comparison to the more established services they monitor. I sort of lost track last season of how the other services were doing as I didn't really have time to look at other service results from when I returned from Honeymoon in February. Up until then, I was holding my own I suspect!  :)

A couple of subscribers have asked what the Euro 2012 game is going to be for those that have joined the service to date for next season.  Not really thought about it if I'm honest but I'll make something up.  Either going to make it a correct score competition or I can use the odds for each game and come up with a virtual betting game. Quite like the thought of a virtual betting game but I obviously don't want a great deal of admin considering my time is meant to spent developing systems and not administering a game! I'll have something made up by the time I close off the entry to the comp on the 3rd of June.

Lastly, I've had a few questions from potential subscribers asking about the odds quoted and whether they could be matched on Betfair or with limited accounts.  All the odds quoted are on the blog, so if you use odds portal, you can see the historical odds and the odds at kick-off in the games. I'd just concentrate on 6/21+ as this is the bets under most pressure each weekend.  You'll generally some of them are heavily backed but some of the bigger prices drift.  As I've said before, with the ROI's on some of my systems, even though you may not be able to match my odds due to bookmaker restrictions, you can work out yourself what the impact would have been if you were taking 5% less etc.  I'll be amazed if anyone comes up with any other conclusion than the fact the systems are still highly profitable.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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