Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Results Update

A quick update from the weekend results before I start writing the monthly review for April.

Going into the weekend, I knew that to have a winning month to keep the run going for consecutive winning months, I needed a decent weekend.  However, my enthusiasm was tempered a little by the sheer number of bets on the systems that appeared and I quickly thought that if I could get through the weekend unscathed, that would be an achievement, never mind making a profit!

As luck turns out, the Saturday games weren’t too bad but I needed the final two games to go my way to have a profitable month. Thankfully, Celtic managed to win on Sunday and then last night, Man City managed to win the derby game to turn the month from a small losing month into a small profitable month. 

Algorithm one had 28 bets which yielded 13 winners, 5 draws and 10 losers.  A magnificent performance and a profit of 14.1pts for H/A betting. 

Algorithm two had 14 bets. 7 winners, 1 draw and 6 losers. Another strong performance with a profit of 3.99pts for H/A betting.

Algorithm three had 26 bets. 9 winners, 5 draws and 12 losers. A small loss of 0.78pts for H/A betting.

Overall then, a decent day for my ratings. I feel like I should make special mention of algorithm one after giving it a little bit of stick on a recent post about the fact it was on a bad drawdown.  14.1pts back in one day is a great recovery and in large part, it was down to finding Hereford away to Crawley. I tipped them at 10.51 and they were backed all the way down to 8.30 with Pinnacle before winning 3-0 easily. Maybe not the most important tip of the season given it only appeared on system 6 but shows that the algorithm can identity these types if they are priced up incorrectly by the bookmakers! 

The systems therefore had an OK weekend as you would expect.  The established systems made a profit of 26.7pts from the 86 system bets.  The new systems made a profit of 20.3pts from 106 bets.

Considering Bournemouth let a 1-0 lead slip again and appeared on all 20 systems again, it’s a great achievement to have a decent day when the biggest bet let us down. 

I’ll get on with writing the monthly review for April now. 

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