Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quick Weekend Update

A quick update of the weekend results as it was a frustrating weekend really.

The algorithms didn’t do too badly and there was a nice away winner in Walsall, a nice home winner in Hereford and a few short priced home wins but unfortunately, the weekend was spoilt by an injury time equaliser from Northampton against Rotherham.  That was enough to turn a profit into a loss for the combined systems which is very frustrating and ultimately, they go into the last weekend of the season needing a good weekend to avoid only the second losing month of the season. 

Algorithm one had 14 bets, 6 winners, 3 draws and 5 losers.  A profit of 4.22pts for H/A betting and 2.29pts for DNB betting.

Algorithm two had 9 bets. 3 winners, 3 draws and 3 losers. A loss of 0.6pts for H/A betting and a loss of 0.01pts for DNB betting.

Algorithm three had 13 bets, 3 winners, 5 draws and 5 losers. A loss of 2.5pts for H/A betting and a loss of 0.27pts for DNB betting.

Overall then, the first algorithm continues its current run of form (after a terrible run of form) and the other two algorithms continue to struggle.  It’s funny how things can turn quite quickly at this game.

The established systems suffered a loss of 3pts for H/A betting and a profit of 2pts for DNB betting.  For a change, it’s the first algorithm who saved the day and it’s a shame that algorithm two didn’t agree with a few more bets on algorithm one!

The new systems had a poor day. A loss of 20.7pts for H/A betting and a loss of 8.8pts for DNB betting.

In summary, a win for Rotherham or including Walsall on system 21 would have been enough to turn around the performance of the established systems to ensure a profit. 

We move onto next weekend now, hoping that the systems can pull off one final decent day to ensure May ends in profit! Having asked for these great days to turn round the last 4 months and got one every time, I suspect I’m maybe asking for a bit much but then again, the Premiership results have been amazing this season, so maybe, just maybe, the ratings can find a gem amongst next weekend’s fixtures.

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