Monday, 28 May 2012

Last chance to join the service at a reduced rate......

Just a quick post to say that there is less than a week left to for any blog readers to join the subscription service at a reduced rate. I’m conscious I’ve had various emails and comments over the past month or two from potential subscribers but so far, the vast majority haven’t taken up the option to join. 

If people are interested in joining the service, now is the time to do it as the price increases in a week’s time. In addition, you will qualify to take part in a Euro 2012 correct score prediction game and you can win back your full subscription fee for the season.

The discount code you need which runs out next Sunday is tfablogdiscount30.  If you enter this code in the discount box, the price should only be £150.  Anyone joining after 3rd June will pay full price.

Although I’ve not made a big deal about it on the blog, the service was escalated to the Secret Betting Club’s Hall of Fame last week in their end of season magazine. A great achievement for the service given it’s only two years old but well deserved too (if I say so myself!) as the returns so far have been very good.

My proofed results with the SBC over the two seasons are 1,992pts staked, a profit of 305.8pts and an ROI of 15.35%.  Based on the betting bank they suggested of 215pts initially, it’s a ROC of 142.25%. They have reassessed the betting bank though and are happy to suggest a betting bank of 200pts going forward. So the underlying ROC is more like 152.9% to date.

As I know only too well, setting a betting bank for the 6 combined systems isn’t easy but the highest drawdown over the last 6 seasons has been 91pts (which was the second half of the first season and the start of this season), so I would hope 200pts is more than enough to follow these 6 systems.  Last season, the maximum drawdown was 45pts very early on in the season, so it was a great season for these systems after a poor start.

I’m going to take a short break from the system reviews to recharge my batteries for the next set of reviews later this week.  I’ll be back later this week with the next set of reviews.

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