Saturday, 2 June 2012

24 hours to go.......

A very quick post as it’s late and I’m tired tonight. Spent another few hours on the new Euro football ratings tonight, so they are fully finalised and I’ve started building the first system. :)

I needed a little break away from the system reviews and whereas a sane person would take a day away from the footie, I work on another aspect of the footie! I’m not sure there is a name for this disease I’ve got when it comes to football analysis but whatever it is, I’ve got it I’m sure.

Anyway, the point of the post is to say my next job is to review the 9 new systems from last season. Unlike the previous 11 reviews, these 9 upcoming reviews will be much shorter and I’ll do 3 at a time. I’ll cover 31-33, the 3 new combined systems (6-32,21-31 and 6-21-31) and lastly, I’ll do the 3 similar game models (TOX, STOY and STOZ).  The fact I only have one live season’s data to go on and the fact the live results have been nowhere near as good as the historical results means that I can’t draw any meaningful conclusions at all.  We’ll save any in depth analysis of these systems until after next season.

I also wanted to use this post as a quick warning about the fact the service is filling up pretty quickly and therefore, if there are any blog readers interested in joining for next season, to get the £30 discount, you have to join before tomorrow evening.  You can join using the discount code tfablogdiscount30

I’ve made it clear since day one the service will stay very exclusive in the sense there won’t be many members. I expect the service will be one of the smallest in the SBC’s Hall of Fame but once the target number of subscribers is met for the season, people will have to join a waiting list for the season after.  May sound a little harsh given I’m only just over 50% full but if I get a run of members joining, then the service may close quite abruptly and I don’t want people complaining to me that they weren’t warned about it.

I also noticed today in the SBC forum that another rival service has gazumped my idea of running a Euro 2012 game for members and is offering a better prize than me! I’ve therefore upped the prizes to £150 for 1st, £100 for 2nd and £50 for 3rd for my game!  Hence, if you are thinking of joining, do it tomorrow to participate in the Euro 2012 game and win your subscription fee back or part of it back!  The offer ends tomorrow evening.

That will do for now. I’m knackered! Keep an eye out for the remaining system reviews in the next few days.

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